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So, what exactly is my thesis looking at?

I will change this page from time to time as my ideas progress but I will draw a very brief outline:

The crux of my thesis is the imbalance found in news reporting.  I’ll be comparing press coverage of two recent events:  The Christmas Massacres in 2008, continuing into 2009, compared to the Gaza crisis at the same time.  At least 865 innocent civilians were murdered over this period by Ugandan LRA soldiers in the DR Congo – around the same period when the Israel/Gaza conflict erupted with the loss of around 900 Palestinian lives.

I’ll compare the press coverage of these two incidents, with an an eye on the way news tends to be constructed – using news values to inform me (and confirm) the studied news is traditionally viewed a valuable to a journalist.

With this data, I shall then open a discussion with journalists, academics and NGOs to gauge their views on the issue.  I already have a few intuitions, which I shall blog about in the coming weeks.

The back bone of all of this is how human rights abuses should be reported in the media, and in turn the ways in which media can affect action.  I’m also eager to find ways for change, and methods where the average citizen can impact the media.

Thanks for looking, I look forward to hearing from you!


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