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Cucumber days

August 27, 2010

In the Netherlands (and probably elsewhere) they call the summer months for media cucumber days.

This is when there’s such a lack of news that writing stories about cucumbers (i.e. their harvest) comes very possible. Which is obviously a scary thought.

That’s not to say there aren’t things going on in the world which should make news, but as we’ve seen if there’s nothing ‘local’, with celebrity, then cucumbers are the closest thing to home.

But this does give some opportunity for other stories, such as that of the DRC crisis, and it has been good to see the Guardian recently report on what’s going on there (which for them is three stories in 2010, zero in 2009…)

Read “Fertile land the prize that could reignite ethnic conflict in DR Congo”

It’s quite a simple overview but does hone in on a specific tension, and in my humble opinion at least tries to delve deeper into the issue.

ADDITION: BBC today also leads with a Congo story: UN draft report calls DR Congo crimes genocide

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