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Victims of DR Congo Conflict – Women

March 18, 2009

Congolese women appear to be on the receiving end of some of the most horrific methods of the DR Congo conflict, being used as a weapon of war in some of the most unspeakable ways imaginable.  It’s something global press should – must –  approach, and reveal these horrors to the world.  I see it as their responsibility, but of course most view their first responsibility as being commercial interests.

This is how new world conflicts are playing out: the citizens, not the soldiers, are becoming the primary targets.  We can see conflicts such as in DR Congo being as much about psychological damage as physical damage.  Therefore, it is so important that civilians find a way to be heard, and if the media doesn’t listen then they must be supported other ways.  A basis for human rights is communication; free and equal communication for all, and through these the education and protection of human rights.

The one meager positive I can find is that as civilians are targeted increasingly, there are increasing communication channels through which they could be heard.   I have some ideas which shall be explored  further in the future.

Take a couple of minutes to have a look at Time magazine’s strong slideshow about the main victims of the conflict.

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